Dec 31: Goodbye Brotherhood 2.0

In which Hank and John sing a duet.

Dec. 28th: John’s Last Video

Everyone should check out the scavenger hunt conclusion in My Pants. (And if you’re in the States, call the phone number!)

In which John says goodbye to brotherhood 2.0–BUT NOT TO NERDFIGHTING! (Calvin clip from Wynflete.)

Thank you.

December 27: Th GIG!

In which Hank shows some footage from his punishment. Drinking peepwine and singing songs…badly

Link to the full Concert

Hank Green Live at the Badlander (hopefully)

No guarantees that this will work…the wireless is a tad iffy.but I thought it was worth a try.

Concert Finished! It was wonderfully punishing….ugh…I’m gonna go play video games.

Check out john’s recent vid…and you’ll see me tomorrow (with concert footage.)

Dec. 26th: Christmas, Manga, and Goats

REMINDER: If you live in Missoula and are over 18, go see Hank play TONIGHT at 6:30 at the Badlander Bar (208 Ryman).

In which John talks about the aforementioned topics and mangles a T. S. Eliot quote. (Really: “Light / The visible reminder of invisible Light.”)

Wynflete’s amazing book

And thanks again to everyone who participated in the Happy Dance Project, whether by dancing or discussing!


Here at long last is the Happy Dance Project! Thanks to the Nerdfighters from six continents who came together to share their Happy Dances. Happy Holidays, Nerdfighters–and thanks for everything. Oh, and feel free to go rate and comment upon your awesomeness at youtube! If your Happy Dance doesn’t appear on this video, we’re really sorry! Upload it to youtube and make it a video response.

Thanks to the awesomeness of Wynflete for the music. How awesome is Wynflete? So awesome! Sorry I am over-awesoming, but I am excited.

Also thanks to the world’s greatest Russian Ska band, Distemper. And thanks to Dad 1.0 for his brilliant editing!